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Consumers face disruption at Stansted as airport accused of abusing its position and restricting competition against the interests of passengers
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  • Terravision told to quit Stansted Airport tomorrow, Wednesday 13th January
  • Airport faces legal action under 1998 Competition Act
  • Complaints have been lodged with the CMA and CAA

Stansted Airport passengers, nearly a third of whom travel between central London and the airport by bus, are facing disruption or higher fares after Stansted management issued a notice to quit on the lowest cost operator at the airport.

Terravision, the European transport group that has offered the lowest cost bus fares between central London and Stansted since 2003, has been told by the airport that it can no longer operate from the airport. The move is likely to affect many of the 4,000 passengers who use Terravision’s three services between Stansted and London Victoria, London Liverpool Street and London Stratford every day.

Terravision has launched legal action against the airport, accusing Stansted of abusing its dominant position under the 1998 Competition Act. Abuse of dominant position complaints have also been lodged with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The legal action follows Stansted’s decision to invite coach companies to tender for the award of concession contracts for use of commercial spaces within the airport. The tender was awarded to National Express, Autostradale and Metroline, while Terravision was informed that its tender was unsuccessful and has now been required by Stansted to leave by Wednesday 13th January. Terravision believes that the tender process was flawed and has launched legal action.
Terravision was obligated to cease operating from the bus station from October 2015 and has since operated services out of the mid-stay parking area two miles away from the main airport bus station and reachable only by a further shuttle operated by its competitor, National Express. Since then, Terravision, which handles two thirds of bus passengers between the airport and the capital, has been seeking to reach an accord with Stansted that will still enable customers to choose the lowest cost mode of transport to get to London from the airport bus station.

Terravision requested a deferral of the date by which Terravision must quit the airport. Regrettably, Stansted Airport has not been prepared to engage or extend the notice period to Terravision and the notice to quit the airport completely as of 13th January 2016 remains in place.

Terravision has been left with no option but to pursue its legal action. Terravision believes that, were Stansted to engage in good faith, there is no need to pursue its legal action. It believes that there is sufficient space for it to operate alongside National Express, Autostradale and Metroline and is unsure why Stansted Airport would seek to deny passengers the right to choose the lowest cost operator.

Two of the winning tender companies – National Express and Autostradale, which cover the same routes as Terravision – have commercial contracts with Ryanair, which controls the majority of Stansted flights.

Yakuta Rajabali, Vice President of Terravision, said: “We are the lowest cost choice for the consumer and have a 12 year track record of delivering an excellent service to customers at Stansted Airport. Why would Stansted take this action, when there is space for us to operate and the actions are patently against the interest of consumers? Their action has reduced choice and increased prices for passengers by refusing to allow healthy and fair competition.”
Terravision will maintain its efforts to find solutions for customers so they can continue to benefit from its low cost service at Stansted Airport.
The case is expected to be heard by the High Court in London in the summer.

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Notes to Editors:

  • Terravision was informed by the airport that it had been unsuccessful in the tender by letter dated 1 September 2014.
  • Notice was then given on 7 April 2015 requiring Terravision to leave the Passenger Transport Interface with effect from 11 October 2015.
  • Terravision issued its legal claim on 14 July 2015.
  • A licence to allow Terravision to operate out of the Mid-Stay Car Park (MSCP) pending the outcome of the claim was put in place on 8 October 2015 so as to allow operation from the MSCP from 11 October 2015.
  • Notice to terminate this licence was given on 6 January 2016.

Odd competition between coach companies at Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport Ltd (STAL), the largest low-cost airport in the UK, is now the focus of an embarrassing situation that created a serious discrimination against passengers and coach companies which operate to/from Central London.

The facts. In May 2014, STAL issued an invitation for coach companies to tender for the award of concession contracts for use of commercial spaces within the airport.

The tender was won by National Express, Autostradale and Metroline, while Terravision (a Britaly Post shareholder) –which has been operating at Stansted since 2003, generating a traffic of 65% of the passengers traveling to London by bus– lost the right of access to the only airport bus station. From October 11, 2015, Terravision it is also prevented from accessing the terminal just to drop-off passengers.

At the same time, Terravision is forced to move to a mid-stay parking area located approximately two kilometres away from the main station and reachable by a further shuttle. This area is not provided with toilets or shelters for passengers. Thus, both Terravision’s workers and passengers –more than 4,000 a day– have no choice but to endure hardships and bad weather.

By affecting the passengers, the damage assumes major proportions, especially because Terravision is generally regarded as the “Robin Hood” of transport companies, allowing people to reach London at the lowest price and in the shortest time possible.
In order to understand better the dynamics hidden behind the tender, it is relevant to notice that two of the winning companies –namely, National Express and Autostradale, which cover the same routes as Terravision and are in competition with it– are bond by commercial contracts to Ryanair, which controls 85% of the flights to/from Stansted.

The partnership between Ryanair, National Express and Autostradale requires the transport companies to pay Ryanair with a guaranteed minimum on the number of the passengers that the airline carries to Stansted –no matter how many of them will then opt for travelling with either National Express or Autostradale. This royalties process makes it impossible for National Express and Autostradale to maintain competitive market; therefore, they need to operate in a situation of monopoly that, thanks to the tender bandit, Stansted Airport managed to put in place.

This explains the exclusion of Terravision from Stansted Airport. Indeed, Terravision offers its passengers the most advantageous prices, proposing at £6 the same route to Central London that National Express offers at a cost varying from £8 to £12.

“Not only is the airport trying to turn us into a ghost company, but it is also significantly penalising passengers who choose to travel with us,” explains Yakuta Rajabali, vice-president of the Terravision Group. “This is not merely an injustice against a single company: it is against a healthy and fair competitive system.”

Terravision has been appealing in all possible venues to fight against the discrimination that the group and its passengers are suffering and prevent the monopoly of Ryanair operators in the coach station to have a negative financial impact on Stansted’s passengers.

After Terravision Group’s restoration work, the balcony in Villa Borghese has been destroyed again

Just two months after the balcony in Piazzale Winston Churchill was restored, a group of troublemakers set out to destroy it once again during the night of March 3rd.

Since 2010, when the balcony had collapsed, the British School at Rome the Faculty of Architecture at Valle Giulia have requested its restoration. Finally, in 2014, thanks to Terravision Group the balcony had been restored.

Today, it’s back to square one.

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British Group Terravision renovates the perilous balcony of Piazzale Winston Churchill in Villa Borghese

To commemorate the 140th anniversary of the birth of Sir Winston Churchill (Woodstock, November 30th 1874 – London, January 24th 1965), Terravision Group has restored the historic balcony in the Roman piazza named after the English statesman and Nobel Prize winner, located in front of the British School at Rome in Villa Borghese.
The ceremony was held on Friday December 12th at 11:30 in the presence of the British Ambassador in Rome.

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Interview with British Ambassador

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Limited Luton service on Sunday June 8th, 2014

We would like to inform our valued customers that due to the scheduled Federation of Sikhs March on Sunday June 8th, 2014, from 11:30 to 16:30 our Luton service will be on a limited service route.

During this time frame, the services normally departing from London Victoria and Marble Arch will depart from Baker St./Gloucester Place and continue to Luton Airport, making all normally scheduled stops.

The services departing from Luton Airport will terminate at Baker St/Gloucester Place.

There will be no services during this time period stopping at Marble Arch or London Victoria.

We apologise for any inconvenience during your journey. Thank you for choosing Terravision.

Terravision thanks passengers, employees and partners for extraordinary response during the UK storm

Terravision, leader in airport transfer services in Europe, is proud to recognise the exceptional response from employees and partner, and wishes to thank passengers for their patience during last week’s storm in the UK. With a significant increase in passengers requiring ground transportation following the cancellation of rail services and closed motorways, Terravision’s increased service to and from the major airports provided a reliable alternative to hundreds of stranded passengers.

“In the face of challenge, we brought in additional service support and worked closely with our partners to help many passengers get to their destination safely, without significant delays” stated Fabio Petroni, President of Terravision Group. “We would like to thank our dedicated employees and partners including Stansted Airport for showing great teamwork and maintaining Terravision’s mission to give clients a convenient and quality service”.

Terravision was specifically recognised for their help in dealing with the challenges faced at Stansted Airport by Managing Director, Andrew Harrison: “With the Stansted Express out of action for over 24 hours due to damaged power lines, fallen trees and an overturned lorry on the M11 that threatened to gridlock the airport, we managed to co-ordinate a response to the sudden increase in coach passengers in conjunction with the police and our coach operators. I’d like to thank Terravision for their valued contribution in keeping these passengers moving from the airport to London.”

Terravision is back at Turin Caselle Airport

Starting from August 7, 2013 Terravision will provide bus transfer services between Turin Caselle Airport and Turin City Center with strategic bus stops at the following locations:

  • Via Botticelli/ang. P.zza Rebaudengo,
  • via Botticelli 217,
  • Casale 42,
  • Turin Exhibition Hall,
  • Via G.Bruno,
  • Lingotto F.S. Station

Frequent departures, duration of the journey: 1h

Traveling to Turin is now so convenient, cheap and easy!

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New Low-Cost Car Park at Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport, LowcostParking by Terravision

On the occasion of the launch of the new low cost car park at Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport, Low-cost Parking has the pleasure to invite you to a vintage car rally on April 13th.
Low-cost Parking is part of Terravision Group and offers low cost airport car park services.
Location: Via Emilia, 27-29, 24052 Azzano San Paolo, Bergamo
Date: April 13th, from 11 am

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Terravision is proud to announce its latest partnership with Goin’Porto and the launch of a new airport transfer between Porto Airport (Francisco Sa Carneira) and Porto City Centre. Travelers will be able to go from the airport to Boavista or Aliados (and vice versa) for only €5 one way / €9 return tickets.

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June 2012

Terravision is now in Milan! For €5 one way, Terravision connects Milan Central Station and Milan Bergamo Airport.

ROME – Attention travelers – June 22th, 2012 – Public Transport Strike
Public transport will be on strike in Rome on Friday, June 22th. However, this will have no impact on Terravision’ services and buses to Ciampino or Fiumicino airports will be running as usual.

May 2012

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