Bus Fiumicino Airport – Rome

Bus Fiumicino Airport – Rome


From Fiumicino Airport to Rome

Shuttle bus service fast and non-stop from Rome Fiumicino international airport to Rome Termini Station

only 5.80€

Journey time: 55 mins

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Routes: Fiumicino Airport > Fiumicino Centre > Termini Station Journey time: 55 mins Extra services: Definition of child: (4 to 12 years old) Definition of infant: (0 to 3 years old)

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Rome Fiumicino Airport

The Fiumicino "Leonardo da Vinci" International Airport, is the most important airport in the city of Rome, and the first Italian airport for number of passengers in transit (almost 41 million in 2017) and goods. The airport has 3 terminals (T1, T3 and T5) and the same number of runways, but a fourth runway should be operational by 2020.

HISTORY: Unlike Ciampino airport, (which is smaller), Fiumicino was created just after the war, when the increase of air traffic in the capital imposed the construction of a new airport with greater capacity that allowed to overcome the limited size of the Ciampino historic airport. During the new terminal construction, they found the remains of 5 Roman ships, currently conserved in the nearby Roman Ship Museum (Museo delle Navi Romane) located a short distance from the terminal. The museum is under restoration and is scheduled to reopen in 2019. The official opening of the new Fiumicino airport took place in 1961, but it had already begun to receive the first flights, during the 1960 Olympic Games organized by city of Rome.
The emergence of low-cost flights led to further development. Since 2014, Fiumicino has become a primary airport or secondary operation center for both Vueling and Ryanair.

LOCATION AND CONNECTIONS: Fiumicino Airport is located on the outskirts, towards the west of the capital, about 30 km from the historic center of Rome and a few kilometers away from the center of the coastal town of the same name. You can reach the airport from the city center by train, taxi or bus. Taxi trips from Fiumicino Airport to the center of Rome (Mura Aureliane: Aurelian Walls) cost € 48 plus a supplement for luggage (the first suitcase is free but for each additional bag you pay € 1). The train "Leonardo Express" leaves Termini station with a frequency that varies between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the schedule. The ticket price is € 14 and the journey time is approximately 32 minutes. Buses to / from Fiumicino leave about every 40 minutes and the travel time is approximately 50/55 minutes. The price of the ticket is € 5.
from Fiumicino to Ciampino: the fastest connection between Fiumicino and Ciampino is guaranteed by the taxi service and has a flat rate fare of €50. The only alternatives, both bus and train, include a stop at the Roma Termini station.
from Civitavecchia to Fiumicino: the most convenient option is the train but, as there are no direct connections, it will be necessary to change trains. The price of an individual ticket varies between € 8 and € 14, depending on the type of train and when it is booked. Alternatively, the flat rate fare for the taxi service is € 120.

SECURITY CONTROLS: As in most international airports, all passengers must undergo security checks after the check-in process and before entering the boarding area. During busy periods, passport control and baggage X-ray scanning of luggage can cause significant delays and long waiting times. The latter can be avoided by paying a surcharge of 8€ for a service called "Fast Track", which can be booked on the on the official website of the Fiumicino airport (www.adr.it/fiumicino) .We therefore recommend passengers to be at the boarding gates at least 1 hour before the flight boarding commencement. Most airlines flying from / to Fiumicino allow passengers to carry a single cabin baggage plus a bag containing all purchases made within the duty free area of the airport. This policy, as well as the size of carry-on baggage, may differ from one airline to another, so we suggest consulting with your carrier (for example, Ryanair has set a 10 kg weight limit and 55 cm x 40cm x 20cm size limit for hand luggage). It is important to remember that passengers departing from Italian airports can only carry a limited amount of liquids (a maximum of 100 ml containers) in their carry-on luggage, whether this is drinks, perfumes, cosmetics. This restriction also applies to gels and pastes. Containers with liquids must be transported separately, inside a transparent, sealed, airtight bag of a size not exceeding 1 litre. The only exceptions allowed are medication (if accompanied by relevant prescription), antiallergic foods (only the amount absolutely necessary for the trip), baby milk (0-36 months) or liquids bought in the duty-free zone after passing through the security controls.

Fiumicino-London: 2h 45min
Fiumicino-Madrid: 2h 35min
Fiumicino-Athens: 1h 55min
Fiumicino-Warsaw: 2h 35min
Fiumicino-Moscow: 3h 40min