How to book Liverpool Airport– Manchester

How to book Liverpool Airport– Manchester


1 Complete the booking engine

Enter all the requested information about your trip: your Departure/Arrival, Dates, Number of passengers and click Book Now.
Attention: Tickets cannot be booked online less than 12h before the departure

2 Choose your bus

Select the exact time of your shuttle bus.
Tickets to the airport: Please choose a transfer so as to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour prior to your opening flight check-in to allow timeall formalities related to the flight. Terravision is not liable for circumstances beyond its reasonable control such as heavy traffic or traffic accidents. If you do not comply with the deadlines indicated and choose a transfer that does not allow enough time for boarding, you will not be entitled to any compensation.

3 Proceed to booking

Enter your personal data or log in with a Facebook account. Your account will be automatically created. If you are already a registered user, please enter your login and password

4 Proceed to payment

You can pay using your credit card (visa, mastercard).

5 Manage your booking

You can log in at any time to manage your booking: you will be able to check your bookings, modify your tickets if needed or contact us. For any concern regarding your booking, please contact us through your log-in page using the “new request” system.

6 Print your tickets and have a nice trip!

The tickets on mobile devices are also accepted.

Your seat is only guaranteed on the journey specified on your booking. Subject to availability you may be allowed to travel on an earlier departure on the day of your booking. In case of delay, you may be allowed to travel on a later journey than the one booked.


Tickets cannot be booked online less than 12h before the departure.


Please Please book your tickets to allow sifficient time between your coach arrival and your opening flight check-in time. We recommend at least 1 hour..