Bus from Sheremetyevo to Moscow central

Bus from Sheremetyevo to Moscow central


Sheremetyevo Airport – Moscow central

Sheremetyevo Airport – Moscow central (underground: Voykovskaya)

only 1.30€

Journey time: 45 min approx

Sheremetyevo AirportMoscow central (Voykovskaya)

 Free Wi-Fi

Routes: Sheremetyevo Airport > Moscow central (Voykovskaya) Journey time: 45 min approx Extra services:

 Free Wi-Fi

Definition of child: (4 to 12 years old) Definition of infant: (0 to 3 years old)

Transfer to/from Sheremetyevo Airport – Your final destination in Moscow city center – Soon available to be booked online!

only 6.30€

The second half of your transfer can allready be booked with just €5,00 extra at our boxes in the  the Arrivals area of Terminals F,E and D. The dedicated transfer will be operated with 4-6 seaters.

Journey time: 45+ 40 min approx

Sheremetyevo AirportMoscow central (Voykovskaya)Final destination

 Free Wi-Fi

Routes: Sheremetyevo Airport > Moscow central (Voykovskaya) > Final destination Journey time: 45+ 40 min approx Extra services:

 Free Wi-Fi

Definition of child: (4 to 12 years old) Definition of infant: (0 to 3 years old)

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Our service operates 24H, 7/7
If you buy a return voucher you can save €€€
With a small extra of €5 you can purchase a dedicated transfer from Voykovskaya metro station to your final destination in central Moscow.
We don’t charge any extra for the luggage.
Vouchers must be printed.
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Our serive operates 365 days a year with the same timetable including Saturdays and Sundays.
Kids up to 5 years old travel free.
The dimensions of the hand luggage allowed on board of your plane is 55cmX40cmX25cm.

Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO)

Sheremetyevo Airport is one of the 6 airports in the Moscow region and, along with Domodedovo and Vnukovo, is one of the 3 International Airports that works for this city with over 18 million inhabitants.
Sheremetyevo is considered the busiest airport of the former USSR and one of the 50 busiest airports in the world, with over 41 million passengers having transited through it in 2017.
Sheremetyevo International Airport has 5 terminals, one of which (Terminal A) is entirely dedicated to private and business traffic. The terminals are divided into 2 macro areas identified by the geographical location: the Northern Area Terminals (A, B) and the Southern Area Terminals (D, E, F). The former are reserved for private flights (Terminal A) or domestic and / or lowcost flights (Terminal B), while international flights land and take off from the Southern area terminals. There is an underground connection between the southern area terminals (D, E, F), while Terminal B of the North Area is connected by an automatic train (without driver), that leaves every 4 minutes and takes 4 minutes to reach the destination.

HISTORY: Like many other major European airports, Sheremetyevo airport was initially built as a military airport in 1957, and it was inaugurated on the occasion of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution. Already in 1960 it carried out the first civil flights, undergoing from that moment onwards, a constant development that culminated in 1980, when Moscow hosted the XXII Olympiad games. At the beginning of the year 2000, also due to the competition with the other Moscow international airports, Sheremetyevo started a long-term redevelopment plan, that foresees interventions until 2025 when the third runway will be inaugurated, among other actions.

LOCATION & CONNECTIVITY: Located in the Moscow region, Sheremetyevo airport is about 29km along the north-east route from the center of the capital, and can be reached by train, bus or taxi. Taxis have a cost that vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle chosen and the company that performs the service; in principle the price (which can be negotiated with the driver!) varies between 950 rubles (for a "utilitarian / economic" car with 4 seats) and 2500 rubles.
The "Aeroexpress" train connects Sheremetyevo with the center of Moscow (Belorussky metro), with a frequency of about every 30 minutes. The indoor station at the airport is located in the south, the journey time is 40 minutes and the price (updated to 2018) is around 450 rubles. It is necessary to consider that, once in the city (the train stops at the Belorussky station) passengers will probably have to make one or more metro changes to reach their final destination or - alternatively - take a taxi.
-from Sheremetyevo to Vnukovo: there is no direct connection from Sheremetyevo to Vnukovo, at the current stage the transfer between these two international airports involves first going to the center of Moscow, where travellers will have to move to reach the most appropriate subway station. In the case of train transfers for example, users will make the Sheremetyevo-Belorusskaya route and then, by underground, will have to move to Kievskaya station where they will be able to board the train to Vnukovo (minimum journey time 90 minutes by train, 60 minutes by taxi).
-from Sheremetyevo to Domodedovo: also in this case there is no direct connection from Sheremetyevo to Domodedovo, but a means of transport change is required as well as the internal journey to Moscow to reach the nearest subway station, (minimum journey time 90 minutes by train , 60 minutes by taxi).

WI-FI: all passenger terminals offer a free and unlimited wi-fi connection, after user authentication in accordance with the local laws in force.

SECURITY CONTROLS: Like all international airports, Sheremetyevo also provide a series of security checks, that begin at the entry to the terminals, when a preliminary check of passengers and their baggage is carried out. After the check-in process, the passengers and their baggage(once it’s distinguished between the hand luggage and the one that is sent to the storeroom), will be subjected to a security X-ray scanning and, possibly, to a hand search. As for all major airports worldwide, it is important to remember that departing passengers will be allowed to carry only a limited amount of liquids (1000ml) in their carry-on luggage, whether this is : drinks, perfumes, cosmetics etc. also in the form of gel. Containers with liquids must be transported separately, inside a transparent, sealed, airtight bag of a size not exceeding 20cm x 20cm. The only exceptions allowed are medication (if accompanied by relevant prescription), antiallergic foods (only the amount absolutely necessary for the trip), baby milk (0-36 months) or liquids bought in the duty-free zone after passing through the security controls.

Sheremetyevo-Rome: 3h 35min
Sheremetyevo-London: 3h 30min
Sheremetyevo-Paris: 3h 30min
Sheremetyevo-Madrid: 4h 45min
Sheremetyevo-Stockholm: 2h 05min
Sheremetyevo-Stockholm: 3h 20min
Sheremetyevo-Dublin: 5h 50min