Amsterdam Guide

Are you planning to visit Amsterdam for the first time?

Here you can find our tips on the most exciting attractions and activities in Amsterdam! Enjoy! 😊

The city is known for its famous channels that cross the city, making the atmosphere so magical! The lights reflected from the smooth water surface are definitely something to watch during your night stroll! If you are going to visit Amsterdam between November and January, you will have the opportunity to take part at the Amsterdam Light Festival and admire a wonderful blaze of lights and colours right from the water!

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Do not forget the fact that Amsterdam has a very wide artistic heritage and there are some interesting museums and must see historical monuments that are definitely worth a visit.

We recommend to make a jump to the Museum District, with some of the most important and famous museums, such as:
– Van Gogh Museum
– Rijksmuseum
– Rembrandt House Museum
– Moco Museum

…and many more!

Choose how to visit the city and its attractions: on foot, by boat or by mixing both ones!
Purchasing the tickets online, you will be able to skip the lines and get priority access to your favorite museums!

Still looking for ideas on how to spend your time in Amsterdam ? For beer lovers, it is possible to book a guided tour directly within the Heineken brewery, where they can also participate in tasting sessions!

Don’t wait and plan your trip in advance!
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