Information on online booking

How can I make an on-line booking?

What should I do once I have booked my ticket on-line?

Can I change my ticket once I have paid for it?

How can I make an online booking?
If you register on our website, you will receive a username and password and this will speed up your booking process. You will also be able to check your purchases whenever you want and have a direct link with us in the event you require any changes made to your purchases. Check out the page Register to find out more! If you decide to register at a later date or not at all, you can still buy tickets from our website but you will have to provide some details that we require to process the booking. You will then receive a temporary username and password which you can use to check your booking, once it has been completed.

Choose your service
You can choose whether to purchase a bus service, a city tour or any of the other services available (Terracafè services, a stay in the Tuscan Tenuta dell’Uccellina Country House, parking space at Ciampino’s Low Cost Parking). The options are all in the top right corner of the booking engine and you will have you specify the ticket type you require, your travel dates and the number of passengers you wish to purchase tickets for. You can add services to your shopping cart at any time during the booking process, click on book now to start buying!

Buy on-line in 4 easy steps! 
1. Login/registration
After you have selected the products/services you wish to purchase, if you are a registered user, insert your username and password and login. If you are a first time buyer, fill in the form with your details and proceed.

2. Payment
If you have bought products/service in different currencies, you will be charged in the currency of the first product added to your cart. Remember that you must accept our terms and conditions before being able to continue the booking process. Once this has been done, you will be automatically redirected to our merchant bank to complete the transaction and make your purchase.
Fast Payment
Terravision has an integrated payment gateway through which services and products can be acquired in a fast and very secure way. The payment process is very simple – you only need to complete a short form online indicating your credit card details and then send your request off. The payment gateway is provided by Optimal Payments®.
Payment with Paypal
If you have a Paypal account, insert your details and proceed with the purchase. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one free of charge or alternatively continue the booking with one of the credit cards accepted by the system. We ask all clients to speak directly to Paypal for any technical problems encountered during the payment process as we do not hold any information relative to your payment/account details.

3. Completion
Click on the confirmation button to complete your purchase.

* When you make a first time purchase with a credit card that is not registered in the system, Paypal debits €1.50 from this card and then refunds the same amount once the card has been registered in the system. Click here for more information.

What should I do once I have booked my ticket online?
Once you receive a positive status for your purchase you will receive an e-mail with your purchase details at the address provided with a link to a page where you can check and print your purchase. Remember to print your ticket and show it to Terravision ground staff or the coach driver prior to boarding the vehicle. You will not be able to board the vehicle without a valid ticket.

In your personal account, once you have logged in, you can see your ticket and reprint it. If you are a registered user you can also request changes to your ticket as long as it has not been used. You will also have preferential access to our helpdesk for any problems you encounter. Remember the same rules apply for the city tours and you must print and show your ticket to the service operator. The date entered during the booking process is the date in which you intend to go on the tour and therefore is your reservation.
Registered users can change the reservation date up to 24 hours prior to the date in which you want to use the service. Please remember that if your booking does not go through and complete successfully, let us know by using the form contact us. Please remember that Terravision can not provide help for problems with payments as these are wholly managed by the merchant bank (Paypal) and only they are in the position to provide assistance.

A ticket that has been paid for can be changed only:

  1. – By entering the part of the site dedicated to you – all clients, even if they haven’t completed the registration process, will receive a username and password to complete the purchase. If you login with these details you will be sent to the dedicted area of the website.
  2. – If done at least 24 hours before the original date of booking – changes to tickets can only be requested if done so at least 24 hours before the date stipulated during the booking process.
  3. – If you want to change the date and time of travel – it is not possible to add or remove passengers or change the ticket type or service purchased.

Terravision reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for changes made to tickets, as per the information provided on each of the service pages within the website.
After any changes made to a ticket, you must print the new ticket and substitute the old one with the new one. Your old ticket will not be recognised as a valid ticket and you will not be able to use the service purchased with it.