How to get to Rome

All roads lead to Rome!

How to get to Rome by plane
There are two main airports in Rome: Rome Fiumicino international airport and Rome Ciampino low cost airport. Both are located outside the city, about 45 min away from the city centre.
Visit Rome Fiumicino service or Rome Ciampino service for more information.

How to get to Rome by car
Going to/Coming from Florence or Naples: A1
Also consider Via Aurelia between Rome and Florence, the ancient consular Roman consular road for breathtaking sceneries!
Going to/Coming from the east coast : A24

How to get to Rome by train
Rome is well connected to the main Italian cities as well as less touristy and remote places throughout the country thanks to Trenitalia’s complete railway network.
Main train stations in Rome:
Termini Station, central hub of public transport in Rome for both buses and Metros (A and B)
Tiburtina Station (Metro B)
If you get to Rome by train and are looking for your way to the airport, it is really easy!
If arriving at Tiburtina, it will take about 10 min to reach Termini Station.