How to get to Turin

Travelling to Turin

By Plane:
Turin’s international airport, known as Turin Caselle as well as Sandro Pertini Airport, is served by both major national and low cost airlines, which connect the city to over 60 destinations.
Terravision provides a bus transfer between the airport and Turin’s city centre.

By Car:
It is easy to reach Turin by car thanks to the network of motorways:
A4 to/from Milan and Venice
A5 to/from Ivrea and Aosta
A6 to/from Fossano, Ceva, and Savona
A21 to/from Asti, Alessandria, Genoa, and Piacenza
A32 to/from Frejus and France

By Train:
There are three main railway stations in Turin:
Porta Nuova, with trains going south to Genoa, Florence, Rome or Bologne
Porta Susa, with trains going north to Milan, Venice or Paris
Lingotto FS, with trains going to the south of Italy

By bus:
It is also possible to reach Turin by bus, coming from Milan, Lyon or Genoa.