Travel to Porto

Porto is the second city in Portugal after Lisbon and is now becoming a very trendy destination in Europe. Thanks to its charisma and outstanding monuments, Porto’s historical centre has been registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996 and has a lot to offer whether you are travelling for a weekend, a week or even on a business trip! Under the Roman influence for a long time, then the Moors and the British Empire, the historical center of Porto has a quite unique atmosphere – not to mention Cais de Gaias Porto Wine Cellars, renowned all around the world!

Porto Top Attractions
Cais de Gaias Port wine cellars,
Sao Lourenço Church,
Ribeira Neighborhood,
Clerigos Tower,
Sao Bento Train Station,
The Dom Luis Bridge (over 120 years old!),
The Azulejos tile works of art,
Lello Library

Porto Special tips & Events
Porto is a vibrant city where you will always find world class exhibitions (at Serralves Museum) and music performances (at Casa da Musica), among other festivals and thrilling events.