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General Conditions of Carriage

Regulations and procedures are subject to change at short notice. Although the information contained on this site is as updated and correct as possible, Terravision may not be held liable for losses or damages, direct or indirect, due to this information.

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Service admission
Provided services
Vehicle access
Terravision responsibilities
Passenger coupons
Passenger behaviour
Terravision communications

The following words shall have the following meanings:“vehicle”: means the vehicle, bus or other means of transportation provided by Terravision on which passengers travel; “trip”: the trip entitled to passengers based on the indications on their ticket; “service”: activity conducted by the Company; “baggage”: any object the passenger carries on his person for the trip.

Service Admission
Travellers must be in possession of a valid ticket in order to use the transportation service and must keep it on their person for the entire duration of the trip. The trip is considered terminated after leaving the vehicle. For round trip tickets, the trip is considered terminated after leaving the vehicle on the return trip.

Provided Services
Terravision carries passengers in possession of valid tickets on its vehicles. The ticket is a record of the agreement between the company and passenger. The ticket remains the property of Terravision and must be exhibited upon company request. Upon express request, the ticket must be returned to Terravision.

Passengers with disabilities.
Passengers with disabilities who fail to communicate these conditions upon reservation may be denied service and carriage.

Terravision does not provide service to unaccompanied minors (under age 14). Accompaniment and other special services are not available. Minors under age 14 must be accompanied by a passenger at least 16 years of age who must reserve both tickets together. Children aged 4 and under on the date of travel are not required to pay ticket fare. Children over the age of 4 are required to pay the appropriate child fare. Child safety seats may not be carried on board the bus.

Terravision is not required to carry animals on its vehicles except for guide dogs for blind or deaf passengers.

Ticket Validity
The ticket allows you to use Terravision service and make the trip stated on the ticket. Altered or damaged tickets are not valid for the trip stated on the ticket.

Tickets must be printed and presented to our staff at the time of boarding. Please visit the website for instructions on how to correctly present your e-ticket. Should delays cause passengers to miss the service indicated on the ticket, the ticket shall be valid for the next departure. If the trip missed by the passenger is the last departure available for that day, the ticket shall be valid for the next day. Priority boarding is only guaranteed for the reserved departure time stated on the ticket.

Seat reservations
Passengers who wish to reserve a seat on a specific trip must reserve the seat online through the online booking system prior to the requested departure date. Seat reservations are subject to availability on single trips.

Ticket Corrections
Passengers can only modify the date and time of their online reservation prior to the date of travel by logging into their My Terravision account. Tickets purchased from Terravision staff may not be exchanged or modified.

Passenger responsabilities
The passenger must check the ticket to ensure it is correct before purchasing. For e-tickets, the passenger must check ticket correctness on the computer screen upon purchase at our website.

Cancellation Policy
Terravision tickets are non-refundable. Terravision is not liable to refund due to mistake bookings, changes in travel plans or flight delays or cancellations.

Invalid ticket
Passengers must travel with a valid ticket. If, following controls, a passenger is found with an invalid ticket, he will be asked to leave the bus or, alternatively, to purchase a ticket from the driver.

Fraudulent etickets
Terravision reserves the right to confiscate an e-ticket possessed by a passenger if there are reasonable grounds for considering it fraudulent. Furthermore, a passenger found in the possession of a fraudulent ticket will be prevented from using Terravision services and may be prosecuted by law.

Lost Ticket
Terravision is not liable for replacing lost or stolen tickets. In the event of loss or theft, passengers who still wish to use company services must purchase a new ticket.

Vehicle access
Vehicles may only be boarded and left at the authorised stops along the routes indicated by the specific signs. The passenger is responsible for ensuring that he or she reports to the correct bus stop and boards the correct bus service. Maps of all authorised stops can be found on the website www.terravision.eu.
Passenger delay
Passengers must be at the stop at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time on the date of departure. Terravision is not liable for trips missed due to late passenger arrival and is not obliged to hold up any service to wait for late passengers.

Tickets to the airport:
Please choose the transfer service that allows you to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time to allow time for check-in and all formalities related to the flight. Terravision is not liable for circumstances beyond its reasonable control such as heavy traffic or traffic accidents. If you do not comply with the deadlines as indicated and choose a transfer that does not allow enough time for boarding, you will not be entitled to any compensation.
Connections: It is the responsibility of the passenger to allow for sufficient transfer time when making connections with other various forms of transportation.

Permitted baggage
Terravision does not charge for luggage nor is there any limit on the number of bags that can be carried as long as there is space available in the luggage hold. Small hand luggage is permitted on board as long as it fits in the overhead compartments and is not a security hazard, which is at the complete discretion of the driver.
Compatible with the space available on board, company personnel may permit skiing equipment, roller skates, bicycles and other “special” items, stored in specific cases, to be carried according to current fares. Passengers may contact Terravision to determine whether or not a certain item is permitted on board.
Fragile items such as electronics, portable televisions and radios are only permitted if reasonably sized. Small musical instruments such as guitars, cellos, violins or violas may only be permitted on board if a seat is reserved and the required fare paid. Foldable wheelchairs and other mobility means for the handicapped are permitted on board free of charge.
Bus drivers provide passenger assistance for their baggage but are not obliged to lift baggage.
For health and safety reasons, Terravision does not accept items on board weighing over 32 kilograms or sized over 81 cm. high, 119 cm. long and 119 cm. wide. Weight limits do not apply to mobility means for the handicapped.
Terravision is not liable for items not suitably packaged, perishable or fragile, or for slight damages to external baggage surfaces (for example, scratches, stains, dirt, dents), due to normal wear.
Prohibited baggage
Terravision is not obliged to carry: firearms, knives or any sharp object, weapons, explosives, chemical substances, drugs or solvents (except medications), toxic or contagious substances such as rat poison, infected blood, radioactive material, corrosive substances such as mercury and vehicle batteries and any other item the company deems hazardous, that can cause injury or is unsuited for the type of carriage provided due to weight, shape, fragility or perishability.
The items listed above as prohibited baggage shall be immediately removed if found on board.
Baggage packaging and identification
All passenger baggage must be appropriately packaged and labelled with the owner-passenger’s address and phone number. Terravision reserves the right to refuse baggage on board which, following controls, fail to meet these requirements. All baggage, excluding carry-on baggage, shall be stowed in specific bus compartments.
Carry-on baggage
Carry-on baggage shall be stowed in the compartment next to the passenger and remain at the passenger’s disposal. For this reason, the passenger is solely liable for the loss of carry-on baggage. We recommend valuables such as cash, jewellery, ID, electronics and life-saving medications be stored in carry-on baggage.
Lost baggage liabilities
In the event baggage is lost on a vehicle or at a bus station, it shall be taken into Terravision custody. The passenger shall be charged a fee for this service including, where possible, shipment of lost baggage. Baggage not labelled with the passenger’s phone number and address shall be disposed of within one month of finding it. Baggage content shall be examined and, where considered hazardous or perishable, disposed within 48 hours of its finding. Baggage found by other passengers and promptly delivered to vehicle personnel shall also be stored. Baggage loss must be immediately communicated to our personnel and confirmed, with details on all lost items, within 72 hours of the terminated trip by letter sent to Terravision, Via Archimede 164 – 00197 Rome – Italy – or by e-mail to customerservices@terravision.eu or any other address published for this purpose. Terravision is not liable for any lost or stolen items or baggage. Terravision recommends you insure your baggage against damages pertinent to the transportation contract with specific insurance companies.

Terravision responsabilities
Terravision is obliged to carry passengers and their baggage with valid tickets according to the regulations set hereto. The company is also oblige to reduce travel discomforts and inconveniences to a minimum.
Trip delays or cancellations
Timetables published on  www.terravision.eu are approximate. The company reserves the right to change them, informing users of the reasons for change as well as any alternative schedules. Terravision may also suspend or cancel trips, providing passengers with due notice. In this case, the company may decide to add a new trip to replace the suspended one or extend the passenger’s ticket validity. Terravision is not liable for losses, damages or costs incurred by passengers due to service delays or cancellations. Terravision is not liable to passengers who did not reserve their trip.
Cancellation after service initiates
Unless due to reasons beyond Terravision’s control, should the bus carrying the passenger be unable to complete the journey before reaching the passenger’s chosen destination, the company shall have the right to choose one of the following options: a) select an alternative means of transportation that guarantees the passenger’s arrival at the destination; b) provide a substitute vehicle; c) refund the passenger; d) issue the passenger a Terravision coupon
No liability
Terravision is not liable for circumstances beyond their reasonable control. The following are examples of events beyond the company’s reasonable control: war or threat of way, accidents on the service routes, adverse and exceptional weather conditions, fire and/or damages to bus stations, vandalism, terrorism, unforeseen traffic, technical problems or local riots or unrest.
Death and personal injuyry
Terravision shall reimburse damages incurred due to its negligence in the event of passenger death or personal injury.
Airline companies
Terravision is not liable for the service quality provided by airline companies or for any flight delays or cancellations.

Passengers must personally lodge claims and, if required, provide proof of identification and any related flight documentation. If the ticket is in more than one passenger’s name, all passengers must lodge claims simultaneously. Claims must be lodged at Terravision offices or sent by e-mail to customerservices@terravision.eu. Claims must be lodged within 30 days of the departure date. Purchased tickets must be enclosed with claims.

Passenger coupons
The coupon is: personal, transferable to third parties, valid for six months from date of issue indicated on the coupon. Coupons may be used for all Terravision services as well as at the Terracafé in Rome and Florence.
Coupon redemption
Should a passenger wish to use a service that costs more than the value of the coupon, he must pay the fare difference. If the service costs less than the value of the coupon, no monetary change will be given.

Passenger behaviour
Required behaviour
Passengers must correctly and reasonably behave at stations and on board buses, carefully listening to the instructions provided by Terravision personnel.
Prohibited behaviour
Bad passenger behaviour is prohibited. Examples of bad behaviour include: threatening Terravision personnel or other service users, storing baggage in a way that creates discomfort to other passengers, blocking emergency exits or the central bus aisle, using radios, noisy games, musical instruments or radio devices that disturb other users. Passengers are not allowed to eat or drink on board. Alcohol or drugs may not be taken on board nor may passengers under the influence of these substances board the bus. Terravision reserves the right to prevent passengers from boarding the bus or assist them in leaving the bus when, heedless of these instructions, their behaviour is deemed prohibited.
Liability for other passengers’ behaviour
Terravision is not liable for the acts or omissions committed by other passengers on the bus or in the station. However, the company shall monitor the behaviour of all users.

Terravision communications
Terravision shall provide passengers with information on schedule changes, general communications or trip cancellations via e-mail to the address provided upon trip reservation. E-mail delivery shall be accepted as proof of receipt. If Terravision was not provided a valid e-mail address, please check the website 24 – 72 hours prior to departure at www.terravision.eu  or at one of the company’s info points.

The carriage contract stipulated with Terravision is subject to the general carriage conditions for passengers and baggage currently in effect and the relevant rules, instructions and/or regulations pertinent to specific subjects. Terravision conditions and rules are, through this notice, referred to as an integral part of the contract.
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