Bus Modlin Airport – Warsaw

Bus Modlin Airport – Warsaw


Modlin Airport - Warsaw city centre

from Modlin Airport to Warsaw city centre

only 9.00€

Journey time: 40 min

Modlin AirportWarsaw City centre
Now free Wi-Fi on all buses.


Routes: Modlin Airport > Warsaw City centre Journey time: 40 min Extra services:
Now free Wi-Fi on all buses.


Definition of child: (4 to 12 years old) Definition of infant: (0 to 3 years old)

The service is direct with no intermediate stops.
In case of flight delay, tickets are valid for the following buses.
Check the bus schedule for our bus routes here.
See all the bus stops on the map here.
The price of the ticket includes a hand luggage.
Printed tickets are not compulsory.
The buses are al new and the offer the best comfort and reliability.
Free Wifi on board
Our schedule has been adjusted with the flight hours of Warsaw Modlin Airport.


Warsaw-Modlin Airport, also known as Maziova's airport, is located approximately 40 km North of Warsaw. It is Poland's first airport fully dedicated to low-cost airlines and to charter flights and it mostly operates short and medium-haul international flights.
Wizz Air and Ryanair are the two main low-cost companies operating in this airport.
They both offer international flights towards over 30 European destinations with a 24/7 service.
The airport has just a single terminal that is organized on two levels.

During World War II, Warsaw Airport was used as a base by Germany's Air Force (Luftwaffe) and it was then used by the Polish and Soviet's Air Forces. The airport was then closed to the public in year 2000 and it subsequently re-opened on 15th July 2012 when the first airliner, an Airbus A320 (operated by Wizz Air), was scheduled to land.

Even though Warsaw Airport is quite far from the city centre, it is still very well connected to it.

Bus From Warsaw Airport to city centre:
ModlinBus in collaboration with Terravision offers direct connections from Warsaw-Modlin Airport to the city centre (Plac Defilad, a square located next to the Culture and Science Palace).
ModlinBus provides numerous daily journeys. Travel time is about 40/50 minutes.
Tickets can be purchased online, at the airport or directly on the bus (cash, credit cards or foreign currency are accepted).
Ticket's basic price is 9 PLN (Polish Zloty) when purchased online.
If you buy tickets at the airport or on the bus the cost is 45 PLN.
Kids aged 2-12 pay 25 PLN.
The service operates from 4am to 12am.
As prices can vary, please consult ModlinBus' website for more info.
On board you will find comfortable seats in order to enjoy your journey, free Wi-Fi connection and multi-media technology. The bus stop is located outside the terminal exit.

The following additional destinations are reachable by bus from Warsaw-Modlin Airport:
• Rawa Ruska - Lwów UA - Kamieniec Podolski UA (with Euro TransContbus);
• Lublin (Contbus);
• Warsaw Chopin Airport;
• Łódź - Toruń - Włocławek - Płock - Biała Podlaska - Międzyrzec Podlaski (OKBus);
• Białystok - Jeżewo - Zambrów - Ostrów Mazowiecka - Wyszków (Podlasie-Express by PlusBus);
• Orneta – Olsztyn – Olsztynek (Radex);
• Lidzbark Warmiński – Olsztyn – Olsztynek – Nidzica – Strzegowo (Transwal);
• Suwałki – Augustów – Ełk – Grajewo – Szczuczyn – Stawiski – Łomża (Żak Express).

Travel time is about 40 minutes.
Journeys are scheduled to be in connection with flights' arrivals and departures.
This service offers the following benefits:
● direct connection to the city centre
● maximum safety and comfort during the journey
● no shipping costs
● free luggage allowance
● free Wi-Fi
● Online tickets sold at the following rates:
- Adults: 9 € one-way ticket, 17 € return ticket
- Kids aged 3-12: 7 € one-way ticket, 13 € return ticket
- If you are purchasing a ticket for a kid less than 2 years old select “baby”
● no need to print your ticket
● in case of flights delays, the tickets are valid for the next rides
● changeable travel dates
● daily operating service from Warsaw Airport to city centre as follows :
- Monday from 12.50am to 11.55pm
- Tuesday from 12.30am to 11.55pm
- Wednesday from 01.00am to 11.55pm
- Thursday from 12.10am to 11.55pm
- Friday from 12.45am to 23.55pm
- Saturday and Sunday from 12.25am to 23.55pm

Timetables from 01/02/2019 to 30/03/2019 can be found at the following link: "https://www.terravision.eu/pl/files/2019/02/cadenzato_warsaw_febbraio_marzo_2019.pdf"

Train from Warsaw Airport to city centre:
Indeed using the train is the least convenient and comfortable way to reach the city centre.
For those willing to travel by train a shuttle service from the airport will connect you to Modlin's train station, where you can take a train to Warsaw.
Travel time is about one hour.
Ticket (including shuttle & train) is about 19 PLN.
Tickets can be purchased online, at the station or at the airport.
Timetables of Koleje Mazowieckie Train Company can be found at the following
Additional connections from Modlin train station to the cities of Krakow, Gdansk, Katowice, Olsztyn, Czestochowa can be found on PKP's, Polish State Railways, website

Taxi from Warsaw Airport to city centre:
Taxi is surely the most expensive option to reach the city centre from Warsaw Airport
however, if the ride is shared with more passengers, it may be convenient.
For those willing to reach the city centre by taxi, you must pay attention to unregistered, illegal cabs offering rides outside the terminal.
Regular taxis can be recognized by the company's name tag and by a visible rate table which is exhibited on the vehicle's windows.
Warsaw-Modlin Airport is partnered with two taxi companies: Sawa Taxi and Taxi Modlin.
Travel time is about 35/40 minutes, depending on traffic.
Price can vary from 119 PLN to 249 PLN according to time and destination.
For more info visit the taxis companies' websites.

Before going through security controls, you must place your personal items in the specific containers. Electronic devices, jackets and coats need to be separated from other objects. Liquids carried in your hand luggage must not exceed 100ml and must be placed within transparent sealable plastic bags, which need to be shown once required. Medicines with medical receipt and specific dietetic products (e.g. new-born food) are considered as exceptions.
Before travelling, check regulations on luggage transportation and the list of allowed items.
These info can be found on the Polish Civil Aviation Authority's website (Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego).
For those travelling with Ryanair, you can find regulations on luggage transportation on the company's website.
For charter flights travellers, your travel agent will provide information on luggage allowances.

Warsaw-Modlin Airport provides several services and facilities:
● Free Wi-Fi
● Assistance for lost or damaged luggage
● Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility
● Church with daily Mass celebrations
● Chance to purchase travel insurance through a specific machine at the departures area.
Once paid by credit card the insurance policy will be sent directly to your e-mail address.
● Fast Track service to avoid long queues at security controls.
For those in possession of Ryanair's Business Plus tariff this service is free of charge.
● Additional services: lounges, shops, bars, duty-free, ATMs, post and phone offices.

More info can be found on the airport's website: